Aurora Borealis Alaskan Garrison
Charities & Partnerships
The 501st Legion was initially founded to unite costumers with a penchant for Star Wars villainy. However, one of the organizations real-world missions is to bring good to local communities through volunteer charity work. The 501st Legion and it’s Alaskan Garrison is always looking for opportunities to brighten the lives of the less fortunate and to bring awareness to positive causes on both a local and global scale.

The 501st Legion has three categories of events that it supports: Charity Events, Corporate Events, and Private Events. If you and your organization conduct multiple events a year that fall into any of these categories, we would like to establish a strategic relationship with you.

The 501st Legion Alaskan Garrison does not charge any fees for appearances (public or private). We do enthusiastically welcome donations made to one of our favorite charities in the name of our organization (The Alaskan Garrison). Ultimately the joyful reactions of children, youth, and adults alike is often reward enough for the volunteers.

Some of the organizations that we've proudly worked with include:

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